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Ursula Burke – Siren

27 Apr 2024 - 15 Jun 2024

Ursula Burke
27 April – 15 June
A Highlanes Gallery National Tour (with partners, the Butler Gallery and Wexford Arts Centre)
Lower Gallery


Siren is an expansive exhibition that incorporates sculpture, ceramics, textile works and mosaic sculpture. Greco-Roman inspired, surrealist soft sculpture take centre stage as Ursula Burke creates a major new monumental work with Grecian terracotta sculpture and mosaic work. These diverse investigations are born out of a context of precarity in the social realm and disillusionment in the political sphere.




Ursula Burke is an Irish artist whose practice incorporates Porcelain Sculpture, Soft Sculpture, Embroidery Sculpture and Drawing. Burke’s work explores precarity in the social realm, power relations in the political arena and post-conflict histories relative to Northern Ireland.


Her work creates a conceptual bridge between antiquity and the contemporary, mining art historical tropes of representation and display. Mediated through craft – based processes re-configured in a fine art context, her approach destabilises conventions around traditional approaches to making by using unexpected juxtapositions of materials, processes and images with a desire that bends towards the surreal.

  • Date: 27 Apr 2024 - 15 Jun 2024
  • Location:Lower Gallery
  • Curators:Ursula Burke