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Caoimhín Gaffney – All at Once Collapsing Together

24 Aug 2024 - 02 Nov 2024

Caoimhín Gaffney
All at Once Collapsing Together
24 August – 2 November
Lower Gallery


The exhibition will examine the restorative power of nature alongside the irreconcilable reality of the climate crisis. The exhibition represents a critical development in the artist’s practice, as they expand from single-channel film work into an installation of multi-screen film, medium format photography, printed text pieces and neon text. Critically appraising Gaffney’s work, Karl Schoonover (Professor of Film & Television Studies at Warwick University and author of Queer Cinema in the World) writes: “his work has resignified the messy bodies of post-conceptual art, offering a queer aesthetic formed around the visceral capacity to unhitch bodies from the reifying powers of identity that affix us to communities, genders, and the bodies we’re born in.”

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  • Date: 24 Aug 2024 - 02 Nov 2024
  • Location:Lower Gallery