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Drawing Lecture and Workshop with artist Raphael Hynes

Friday, September 18, 2020

‘Drawing is the most immediate way of making your ideas, sensations, and information explicit.’

Artist Euan Uglow


‘I have been dealing with two questions concerning my art for most of my painting life. Sometimes these questions were very much in the forefront of my mind and other times I was less aware of them. The first question asks how do I paint an appearance and the second asks what is the relationship between the subject and the shape of the picture. These questions are interlinked like two sides of the same coin.’

Raphael Hynes, April 2020


Highlanes Gallery is delighted to present a lecture & workshop titled Drawing a Likeness – Issues concerning the ability to make and read representations of the three dimensional world on a two dimensional plane at the gallery with numbers limited.

Drawing IS difficult. This drawing lecture and workshop is an introduction to observational drawing, and offers examples of observational drawing and painting through the history of art, as well as practical exercises to help provide a skills-based approach to critical thinking through visual analysis.

At its core, drawing is a problem solving tool that fosters close observation and analytical thinking. It is a sense-making capacity that requires us to slow down, be patient and pay attention. It’s function as a tool of enquiry can be found across all subject areas.

Through this session participants will be introduced to observational drawing using a range of media and techniques. Through practical studio projects students will use drawing skills as tools for looking, questioning, analysing and describing what they see.

Raphael will present the session in the Lower Gallery, where you can bring your own drawing materials, or use our sanitised boards, paper and pencils.

Can’t attend, please go to our YouTube account where Raphael was filmed presenting the session earlier this summer.

  • Type: Workshop
  • Time: September 18, 2020 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm