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Lauretta, Mosney Reception Centre, entrance to the former Butlin’s Mosney Ballroom, from the series Citizen 2013

Picture printed on paper of an African woman named Lauretta, dressed in red, standing on a red carpet under a large circle chandelier in what was Butlin’s camp’s ballroom. This picture was taken from the series ‘Citizen 2013’ by Anthony Haughey. Borders and transnational migration have been major themes of Haughey’s art practice for more than twenty-years. He worked collaboratively with individuals and groups who have left their countries of origin, such as Lauretta, in the most urgent of times who are now living in direct provision. The former grandeur the disused ballroom evokes contrasts to the lifestyle and conditions associated with living in direct provision inmodern Ireland. The padlocked door suggests entrapment.
  • Anthony Haughey
  • B12
  • Prints
  • Lambda digital C-type print on paper
  • 109
  • 100 x 120 cm
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