Drogheda Municipal Art Collection

Poppy & Woppy in the Water

William Orpen

b. 1878 - d. 1931
Mixed media on paper

Here Orpen writes to Gardenia (whom he called Poppy): “I wish I could go down and swim with you (does your “sister” swim?) but I fear I cannot get away at present – perhaps Sir Thornlay will go in with you – do you wear your ribbon in the water[?] This is a picture of Poppy and Woppy in the water – the old sport in the background is Thornlay – the other figure I won’t say who it is as I don’t want to get a bang in the eye the next time I see her – give Miss Smeaton and your “sister” my love when next you write and believe me to be your dear pop”. The arch references to Poppy’s “sister” almost certainly refer to her mother, Mrs St George.