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Once Upon a Time – Jean Ryan explores the group exhibition – lucent

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Jean Ryan brings you closer to the ideas, thoughts, processes and theory considering our temporary exhibitions, this next session taking place on Saturday, 6th April, 1pm.


In this session, Jean will focus on the group exhbition – lucent – featuring the work of twelve irish and international artists Charles Brady (Ire), Niamh Clarke (NI), Vincent Hawkins (UK), Hiroyuki Hamada (JN), Tjibbe Hooghiemstra (NL), Jamie Mills (UK), Janet Mullarney (Ire), Helen O’Leary (Ire), David Quinn (Ire), Seamus Quinn (Ire), Sean Sullivan (US) and John Van Oers (BE)


Please note places are limited and are charged €5 per person.


Tea, coffee and biscuits are served during this social event



Jean Ryan is an art historian who is interested in exploring the topic of creativity in the visual arts. She aims to show how artworks are the end product of multiple decisions artists make when creating their work. These decisions range from the subject matter they want to bring to the viewer’s attention to the direction of research and focus on that subject. What aspect of it do they want to bring to the viewer’s attention and why?


Artists have to decide how to communicate their ideas to the viewer. What visual form will they take? Which materials are best suited to their needs? How will they use them effectively? The decisions are endless and while some are planned others are more spontaneous as the artist responds to unexpected events while making the work.


Creativity needs imagination, understanding, curiosity, skill, and risk-taking. The ability to think laterally allows an artist to present the viewer with new images based on associations between diverse ideas and points of reference.


Jean is curious to explore and map the creative process. She wants to pinpoint the decisions made along the way so the viewer can understand the artists thinking and making as they give form to their ideas.

  • Type: Afternoon Event,Exhibition,Talks
  • Time: April 6, 2024 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Duration:60 Minutes