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Drogheda Municipal Art Collection

St Mary's Church, James' Street across the River Boyne (Unfinished)

Thomas Markey

b. 1885 - d. 1967
Ink on paper

Thomas Markey (1885-1967) a topographical and figure painter was born in Drogheda and was a carpenter for the Corporation of Drogheda. A self-taught artist he worked in oil and watercolour and also executed a set of drawings and engravings of historical buildings and scenes in the town

An ink on paper scene showing in the right foreground are several bollards. One has a large chain with a large hook on the end of it. In the left middle ground a large church can be seen and closer to the water another building with a dock leading into the water. Several figures can be seen on it with a small boat docked. In the right middle ground a small arched bridge can be seen.