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Drogheda Municipal Art Collection

A Wet Day

Muriel Brandt

b. 1909 - d. 1981
Oil on panel

Brandt sketched people quickly and accurately, faithfully capturing likeness and attitude. A Wet Day belongs to the mature period of her painting oeuvre and it demonstrates her ability to encapsulate the innocent and charm of childhood. The two excited girls shelter from the rain in a doorway, using a newspaper and a cardboard box to cover their heads. The old lady in a black shawl - possibly their grandmother- watches them out of the corner of her eye, waiting patiently for the rain to stop. The children's excitement at the unexpected downpour is contrasted with the resignation of the older woman.

An oil on panel scene depicting three figures sheltering from the rain against a building. An elderly woman wearing a black shawl in the background with two girls in the foreground. One of the girls is holding a paper over their head and the other is holding a cardboard box to protect themselves from the rain.