b. Leeds, England 1861 d. Weybridge, England 1917
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Holroyd received his art education under Professor Legros at the Slade School, University College, London, where he had a distinguished career.  He became for two years assistant-master at the Slade School, and there devoted himself to painting and etching, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Etchers (RSPE). 

Sir Charles  has made his chief reputation as an etcher of exceptional ability, combining strength with delicacy, and a profound technical knowledge of the art. In all his work Holroyd displays an impressive sincerity, with a fine sense of composition, and of style, allied to independent and modern feeling. 

He was appointed the first keeper of the National Gallery of British Art (Tate Gallery), and on the retirement of Sir Edward Poynter in 1906 he received the directorship of the National Gallery (London), which he held between 1906 t0 1916. He was knighted in 1903 and was author of 'Michel Angelo Buonarroti' (1903) and various articles.
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