10 Jun 2017 - 10 Jun 2017
work by Elaine Leader for the exhibition This is Not Architecture
Venue: Upper Gallery
Sponsor: Louth County Council/ The Arts Council
Admission: EUR6.00

Facilitated by architect Riette Gora, this workshop makes use of the language and tools that architects use to design and communicate their designs to introduce concepts of the design of buildings and spaces at an urban level through the tool of model building.

Workshop attendees will create a model of a building from materials such as foam board, cardboard, and paper which they will place onto a ‘site’ board, a piece of foam board of a pre-cut size to make up a grid of buildings once put together. Once attendees have completed the model of the building, given it colour and texture, it will be placed onto the ‘site’ and the different sites will be put together in any random order that they choose after which there will be a discussion of the interaction of buildings and spaces.

The learning outcomes will be an introduction to the making of an architectural model and the usefulness of an architectural model in the process of architectural design. Urban design and the design of the spaces around buildings and the relationship that buildings have to one another will form an integral part of the workshop’s focus.

Workshops are for children aged 5 - 13yrs, and charged at €6 per child, with booking essential.

About Children’s Workshops at Highlanes Gallery

Workshops at the gallery are process-based and explore basic concepts and ideas with children as they are looking. The emphasis is placed on understanding the ideas surrounding the objects. Making objects forms part of that process but is not the only goal of the workshop.

This workshop is presented on the occasion of Highlanes Gallery’s current exhibition This is Not Architecture. The exhibition is presented on for 2017 Drogheda Arts Festival and also on view at Droichead Arts Centre.

Exhibiting artists: Owen Boss, Stephen Brandes, Gerard Byrne, Elaine Hoey, Eithne Jordan, Elaine Leader, Maggie Madden, Colin Martin, Tom O’Dea, Winnie Pun.

Architecture and the built environment is discussed and explained entirely through secondary representations- photography, film, drawing, books and TV. Paradoxically the built environment is meant to be experienced in real time and space but it is illustrated and explained through representations. Architects learn, imagine and conceive of the built environment through representation. This exhibition looks at how artists represent and discuss the built environment, what are the biases and limitations inherent in representing the real?

Booking: Workshops are for children aged 5 - 13yrs, and charged at €6 per child, with booking essential.

The exhibition continues until 21 June 2017.

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