VACCINES: Health, Trust & Evidence Sat 17 November
VACCINES: Health, Trust & Evidence Sat 17 NovemberHighlanes Gallery is delighted to host a panel discussion with the Science Gallery Trinity College, to mark Science Week 2018.

Vaccines, according to the British Medical Journal, represent one of the most the most significant medical advances of the last 150 years alongside sanitation, antibiotics, and anaesthesia. Yet some people still have questions about vaccines, and in some communities, anti-vaccination sentiment is growing even though The World Health Organisation has shown that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks.

Why are vaccines essential to our Health and wellbeing? What role does Trust play in the public dialogue about vaccines? What does the Evidence say?
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Crossing Lines: Highlanes Gallery & FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio Present..opening 23 Novembert
Crossing Lines: Highlanes Gallery & FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio Present..opening 23 NovembertHighlanes Gallery, Drogheda and the FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio, Banbridge, present a joint exhibition entitled Crossing Lines, which will run concurrently in both galleries from 23 November 2018 to 26 January 2019. The exhibition explores ideas of dissent, dissonance, and difference in art and society; embracing change, inspiring hope, and the important role that art and artists have in challenging traditional thinking, provoking reflection, insight and fostering new ideas that often defy the norm.

The opening of these cross-border exhibitions will be marked by a special live performance by Nigel Rolfe at Highlanes Gallery on Friday 23 November at 7.30pm, and at FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio on Saturday 24 November at 3.00pm
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Theresa Nanigian - just a bit extraordinary,- final days...
Theresa Nanigian - just a bit extraordinary,- final days...Theresa Nanigian’s practice involves creating portraits of contemporary Western life, be it a profile of a single individual, a catastrophic event or an entire country. These representations often borrow the analytical systems, tools and aesthetics of other disciplines such as sociology, economics, psychology and logic. just a bit extraordinary is no exception and is comprised of three ‘chapters’ in which the artist has chosen an equal number of idiosyncratic groups, loosely aligned to a particular stage in psychosocial development, to serve as her muse in exploring the expression of identity across the lifespan.
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Creative Space for those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia
Creative Space for those living with AlzheimerIn September 2015, Highlanes Gallery announced the launch of a pilot programme developed especially for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

After the initial programme, the gallery has continued these sessions which focus on a few selected works from the temporary exhibition programme and the Drogheda Municipal Art Collection. Through the programme people have an opportunity to look at art more closely, in a caring, friendly and social environment, discussing the pieces and giving their opinions in a non-judgemental setting.
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Relish Cafe and Foodhall
Relish Cafe and FoodhallRelish Cafe and Foodhall is a fresh, vibrant continental style cafe, using quality local produce to create home cooked food in a stylish and sophisticated setting.

Relish take pride in using locally sourced ingredients, imaginatively and creatively presented in each of their cafes, and with a friendly and efficient service.
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